Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Greetings to all the positive people from Vincent dated 20th February

Greetings to all the positive minds out there in that great big universe that may or may not know of Vincent Alfred Simmons 41 years plight.

 I am innocent, not just in words but in fact.

The evidence in my case shows and proves that, yet because of the colour of my skin, people don't want to support me nor believe me.

I am only asking that you all stand behind the truth, the law and the constitution that governs all our lives throughout the world.

GOD IS THE LIGHT that shines through all darkness.

This case and and the truth have been hidden in darkness for 41 years because our judicial systems mindset is racist. This system refuses to honour their oath, the constitution and that the laws due process is ensured to every individual person. That law cannot be waived or taken away from us, so I ask only that you stand up and support Truth, Justice, The Constitution, The Law and Vincent Alfred Simmons freedom.

I thank each of you!

God Is The Light

Vincent Alfred Simmons

Vincents birthday message written on February 17th

Hi everybody,

today is my 68th birthday and I am blessed to have been living this long. I had my first court hearing in 41 years and again the state of Louisiana and the court judges continue to deny hearing the facts and addressing the facts in the interest of Vincent Alfred Simmons freedom.

I cannot see the logic, nor the realistic reasons why we have a constitution or laws; that give state and its employee's officials, while acting via the badge and its authorities the right to hide evidence of their crimes, whilst disclosing revealing evidence and saying they legally can do this!

 So, each of you, wherever you are, whatever your colour, race, stand up! and recognize that God is the light and the truth!

Free Vincent Alfred Simmons here and now!

Please stand with me and my team!

God Is Love In Action Always!

Vincent Alfred Simmons

Vincents message about the benefits of meditation

"God Is The Light ! My name is Vincent Alfred Simmons, My DOC #85188, my contact information(Jpay email ). I've been a student of constant meditation. Going inside of myself to communicate with God. So, Allow me a moment of your time to share some light from my 41 years journey through this prison environment. 

Our minds attention focused outward : 

It sometimes seems that our minds is running in every direction at once, turning to this and that in a desperate search.

 But for what ? 

We are looking for an unnamed some thing that will satisfy our longing for stability and security. We pass from one thing to another hoping that the next experience will contain what we are looking for. 

As a result, our minds is constantly distracted. It is difficult to focus all our attention on what we are doing because part of our mind is already dissatisfied and has begun to search for that escaped something else !!!! 
Even when we are doing something that we enjoy, we loose our concentration so easily and fail to discover a higher power, meaning and purpose in our life journey. 

We flatly refuse to take out any time for ourselves, to go within our mind. 

Searching for God's inner light ! That shines !!!! And lives inside all life.

 So my Song - is The path to that beautiful, awesome universal bliss. 

So, To All The Beautiful, Positive, Strong, People - No Matter Your Color Or Belief, Repeat My Song While You Go Inside Your Personal Universe. 

God Is The Light
One God, One Love, One Us, Together We Can Conquer All Injustice,
Vincent Alfred Simmons "
Vincent's Song -
God Is The Light,
I See The Light,
I Walk In The Light,
I Live In The Light,
No More Darkness,
No More Darkness,
Because God Is The Light
Vincent Alfred Simmons
God Is Good
All The Time 🌎🌍🌏

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Vincent's Birthday is coming up on February the 17th

It’s Vincent’s birthday coming up on February the 17th. Given what happened with his Xmas parcel being withheld, I request people who have not donated to him but have considered, do so for his birthday. This way he can purchase some special food items for this occasion. He is turning 67 and is now 42 years in prison after being framed for a crime that was so improbable that he laughed on hearing his sentence in court of 100 years hard labour. I make regular donations on Jpay and it only costs me 33c to send him a picture by a stamp which I will do for his birthday 🎂 🎁 card. To find out more about his story you can watch his documentaries on youtube. They are called "The Farm" and "Shadow of a doubt":

From Amie

Vincent Alfred Simmons, born 17th February 1952, Vincent is nearly 42 years into a 100 year sentence for attempted aggravated rape in Louisiana state penitentiary. Vincent was convicted in the same parish that Solomon Northup was held in servitude as a slave for at least 10 years in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, Vincent does not have any DNA evidence in his case, which means that none of the innocence projects will help him, it is insane that there is no DNA evidence to exonerate, yet he was convicted without it, on only the word of three individuals who were far from trustworthy witnesses. The two twins who have accused Vincent, were previously excluded from school, were marijuana users and when asked could they identify the black man they accused, they said no, why ? Because they said all blacks look alike, they discredited ALL of Vincent's alibis by saying they had criminal records, even though he was in a bar that night with many people, they were all discredited because of their records. The DA claimed they were unreliable witnesses, unfortunately Vincent's attorney did not do any pre trial investigating, otherwise he would of found the twins were also unreliable witnesses, Vincent's filed every motion to have his exculpatory evidence heard since it came to light in the 90's and has been denied and denied. Last October he had a Judge deny his motion because he claimed In had expired, it should of been filed within 2yrs of original trial in 1977, so now we wait on his Appeal. People need to know that his whole trial was based on their story, it amazes me that if there's no DNA evidence to exonerate you, then maybe there should be some to convict you? It is incredibly scary to think that someone can accuse someone else of a crime with no evidence and that person looses their entire life based on the unreliable witnesses in Vincent's case, The twins were not excluded from school because they were angels, and they weren't sent to live with their grandparents before the alleged rapes because they behaved at home either. In the documentary shadow of doubt, Hilda Nelson, the twins mother, says her sister called her saying that she said "you have to come to Marksville" and says "I made her tell me why because I didn't want to go'' 

I believe her first instinct was that they were in trouble, yet again and she didn't want to face it again, in her own words their mother was worried about returning to marksville !! Vincent has been in prison for nearly 42 years this August, how can this be justice? We can never give back to him what he has lost, but hopefully we can give him his future

Please share this injustice by sharing his story, Let's Bring Vincent Simmons home, Justice for Vincent Simmons, Free Vincent Simmons in 2019

 Let this year be the year!!

From Amie

This is New York Filmmaker Jonathan Stack, without him and his team, Vincent's voice would not of echoed around the world, Originally Jonathan and his team went into Louisiana State Penitentiary to film different aspects of prison life, inmates arriving, and an inmate who was on death row being executed, and a inmate who would get parole, whilst filming The Farm at Angola, he witnessed the inmates going in and spoke with a condemned man, just before his execution, he was hoping to watch a inmate receiving their parole, but unfortunately not one inmate walked out of the gates at that time in the nearly 2 years they spent filming at Louisiana State Penitentiary, it was originally not supposed to be Vincent but another inmate, who it turned out was not on the list for that time, so Jonathan met with Vincent who told him about his case and was allowed to film Vincent's first parole hearing in 20 years in the late 90's, ( as we all now know it was the only one Vincent has received so far) it was during this hearing that we all got to witness how Vincent was treated and the reaction of that , spurred Jonathan and his team to make a follow up film solely on Vincent's case, called Shadow of Doubt/VincentSimmons#85188, for Jonathan Stack and his team they won a Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for The Farm at Angola, The Farm at Angola was also nominated for a Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, It also won a Emmy Award, The Farm at Angola won both the New York and Los Angeles Film critics Awards for Best Documentary of 98' after this the film Shadow of Doubt was shown around the world, it showed people what had happened to him and it gave a voice to Vincent which allowed others to come to Vincent's aid, unfortunately we all are aware that Vincent has had his rights to fair justice blocked at every opportunity and it wasn't for lack of trying on his part for his fight to freedom, I wanted to share this with you all, in case anyone was interested in how Vincent came to be on the The Farm at Angola , Thanks All , Amie

File of complaint regards the with holding of my Xmas Package

State Of Louisiana
Parish Of West Feliciana

Mr Vincent Alfred Simmons versus Chief warden Mr Darryl Vannoy A/W Thompson, Captain Jack and Major Jackson, supervisors of T- U, Defendants/respondents.

RE: Deliberate indifference, retaliation, discrimination,

Deprivation of a liberty infers a violation of the 8th and 14th amendment.

Greetings chief warden Mr Darryl Vannoy,

Please be advised that this complaint comes to your attention seeking your personal reply as to whether you authorized one or all of the above supervisors to subject me to any of the above actions?

I exercise my first amendment right to file grievance against state prison employees when anyone of them violate my civil and constitutional rights. This prison, L.S.P, created a liberty interest for all LSP prisoners via a union supply company, allowing prisoners and or family and friends to purchase items from that union supply company. A family member timely purchased permitted items for me prior to the 2018 Xmas delivery. The package arrived here and after enquiring to the above named supervisor as to why I had not received my order, sent along with the other prisoners here at TU and  being distributed by Captain Jack, I was told my package had not arrived, when in fact it had arrived and refused. It was denied being given to me by one of the TU supervisors and that why I am now directing my complaint to you, to find out which of the above authorized the refusal and return to the union supply company of the food items bought and mailed to me at Tu - Up - B- 9?

"The quantity of the equal protection of the law in the 14th amendment was aimed at undue favour and individual or class privilege as well as at hostile discrimination or the oppression of inequity and sought an enquiry of treatment of all persons even though all enjoyed the protection of due process"

Sir, it is your obligation as chief warden of LSP to investigate and find out who authorized this action against me in violation of the 8th and 14th amendments?  Punish him/them for abuse of authority and DR-1 That any further retaliations threatens my life, my family, friends and supporters are placed on notice via way of the internet, social media and the public. A failure to act correctly as required by law will indicate deliberate indifference.

Done and signed this 4th day of February 2019

Mr Vincent Alfred Simmons

Message of thanks from Vincent

Vincent wants everyone to know that this has been a very long and tiring fight for all who have been with him in spirit, thoughts, prayers and physically active. He wants to thank each one of you with every beat of his heart for your contributions for justice, truth and the Free Vicnet campaign.

May God continue to shower each of you with positive blessings always.

God Is The Light


Belated New Years Greeting from Vincent for 2019

Greetings my people!

All over the universe, the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!

Please listen, God is the light!! and darkness!! Man and woman. One cannot exist without the other. Sun and moon, to balance out the universal order of all people, animals, things, places, laws and treaties. To govern and protect us individually and collectively, no matter where we live, who we are and what position we hold in our daily lives. Law, treaties created by our creator who is everything, in every body, in every place on the face of mother/father earth. That being said, we the people, no matter what the spectrums of skin, we must understand that it does not cost us anything to think.No one can put a price on our ability to think freely.To think is energy we call thought and from thoughts come actions. Most of us don't realize that the lack of a proper thinking through of the consequences of our thought process and knowing there are consequences, good and bad or not thinking properly, creates the chaos that precedes war. Therefore, whilst during the new year, this new beginning on our life journey, via this vast universe, always remember it costs nothing to think. It all boils down to how we process and analyze the outcome of our thoughts and actions. So our thought process can change the mind set of millions of lives in the world we live in for the betterment of mankind or the worse and the choice is ours to make. God is the light needed to see in the midst of the vast darkness. When I speak of the vast darkness, I am speaking of the thought process of clear and proper thinking that no one can put a price on the value of. So my people, we have a choice about the outcome of our thinking thoughts. Whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past. Your philosophy determines your thought pattern, your thought pattern determines your attitude, determines your behaviour pattern which determines your actions. All of our actions come from our thought patterns.

My gift to all universal minds, spirit, hearts, souls and bodies living through this new year 2019. God Is The Light, One Love, One God, One Purpose.

Vincent Simmons