Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jonathan Gonzales

Angola prison, the largest prison in the world. Home to five thousand prisoners that are watched by fifteen hundred guards. One of the individuals is named Vincent Simmons. He was convicted of two rapes in the 1970’s and he was sentenced to prison for 100 years. In the movie Shadow of a Doubt, we see that there are some falsehoods in the case against Vincent Simmons. He looks like a guilty man and his past proves that he has done many things that are bad. But I do not believe that he was guilty of that crime he was convicted of. The facts that were withheld in the case, I believe, would of exonerated him of the crime. One of the girls was not even raped at all, as seen in the doctor’s report that never made it to the judge. Also he was the only one that had handcuffs in the lineup. Even though the cops say that he did not have them on during the lineup, you are supposed to hand cuff them outside of the room. Another thing that seems fishy to me is that the women refused to meet until a long duration of time passed. This could mean that they were rehearsing what they would say, why else would you refuse to meet for such a meeting. People may argue they do not want to go through the pain again. But if you heard that someone was trying to make a film to free the man who raped you, I would believe you would be the first in line to tell your story. One other thing is if you were in prison for so long, why would you still claim to be innocent? Even after all the rehab clinics that they have to attend to admit that they are guilty, he still says that he is innocent. I may not know if he is actually innocent of the crime, but with the information that was provided to me in the video, I believe that there was not enough evidence to convict Vincent Simmons of the two rapes and sentenced to 100 years in prison.

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